Friday, 25 March 2011

Prices and Sizes...continue 3

@ RM30.00

@ RM25.00 per kg for 5kg and above

Prices and Sizes....continue 2

@ RM18.00 each

@ RM15.00 each for orders 50 units and above

Prices and Sizes...continue

@ RM8.00 each

@ RM6.00 each for orders 50 to 100 units

@ RM5.00 each for orders above 100 units

Prices and Sizes

@ RM3.50 each

@ RM3.00 each for orders 100 to below 1000 unit

@ RM2.50 each for orders above 1000 unit

Perfect gift for wedding guest. We do customize packaging i.e - colored ribbon or cotton cloth with a string on top of the cover at extra cost.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

The best Acar Buah I've ever tasted in my life....

My late mother in law was a great cook. And one of her great talent is making the ever delicious Acar Buah @ Savoury Mix Fruits Pickles in Spices.

I've eaten so many of this Acar Buah type which normally served at a Malay weddings and sometimes it also served at Briyani House or Indian restaurants. Most of the time, the taste is either too sweet, too flat, the fruits soggy and not much variety, pungent smell, the sauce looked blacked and not velvet red, and sometimes it turned bad very fast.

It is very different when I tasted my late mother in law's Acar. First of all, the color it self is so velvety red and its glossy look, the mix fruits looks succulent and inviting, the smell and the look of it already make my sliver drooling and turn on my appetite. The best part is...the longer you keep it the more tastier it is. And the magic of her secret recipe makes her Acar can last until a year!

The only person who knows how to cook the Acar Buah exactly like my late mother in law is...her daughter aka my sister in law...whom my kids called her MAMA. Her acar has been talk of the town from Keramat Lorong 1 area up to the Golden Triangle Area in KL through catering services I've ordered from her for a few offices in that area.

The good thing about this Acar is that you can eat it on its own, good with rice dishes be it briyani or nasi minyak or even with a simple white rice. Its appetizing. Add zest and sexyness to your plain meal.

Its a perfect gift for wedding guests especially for Malay weddings and Kenduri. A traditional and exotic gifts for festive seasons especially on Eid Mubarak or Hari Raya, Chinese New Year, Deepavali and even Christsmas.

Then, I thought it is good if I could share this delicious Home made Acar Buah and it goodness with the rest of the world.

So, here it is. For those who wish to get a sample before you buy it, email us or contact us at 019 3333304, 012 3003302. If you wish to place your order right away, you may also do so using the same contact detail.

Look out for our prices and sizes details in our next post.

Cik Wan's Wiffy.